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GoPro HD Hero2 Surf Edition

Hero2 Surf EditionGopro has deisgned one of the best sports cameras on the market. The original design was founded by creating a camera you can mount to your surf board. They wanted to start a product line for surfers, since it was almost impossible to get high quality photos while surfing.

Hero2 surf best price

That was the original GoPro, Now 3 generations later the HD Hero2 Surf Edition has arrived and films in 1080p @ 60 Fps, has 11 mp photos and can even film in 3d. This camera is very small and completely water proof up to 197′. That means you can take this on deep sea dives with you, snorkeling and even use it for kite boarding.

Best Accessories For The Hero2 Surf Edition

If you plan to use the HD Hero surf edition for underwater use, there is a wrist mount that makes this extremely easy to carry and use. It simple mounts to your wrist like a watch, with it comfortable rubber arm strap and all you need to do is point and shoot. You will have 2 free hands for swimming, or to do what ever else you need.

I personally use this camera all the time for kite boarding, I have the Kite Hero Line Mount and get some really cool pictures and videos of me doing tricks and flips. Its really cool because I can easily make training videos by myself, using the GoPro, to help teach my friends the basics of kite boarding.

New Features

The HD Hero2 Surf Edition, comes with several different mounting pieces. The main one is the large stick adhesive that you can mount to your surf board or wakeboard. In the original HD Hero surf Edition pack you only got 1 surf adhesive, but if you purchase the Hero2 surf edition you get 2 surf adhesives and 2 tether adhesives. These can be used on any hard object but are strong enough to be secured to your surf board, battered in waves and it will still stay attached.

Another very important new addition to the HD Hero2 package is the bright orange back floaty door that is included. Normally the GoPro is completely waterproof, but will sink if dropped in the water, but with the floaty door, your GoPro camera will float if by chance the camera falls off your surf board or if you accidentally drop it in the water. Plus it is bright orange so you can easily identify where the camera is even in large surf or choppy water.

What Makes the Surf Edition Different?

The GoPro HD Hero2 Surf Edition comes with the same exact camera that is in eachhero2 surf package of the Hero2 packages, the only difference between each package is the accessories and mounting hardware. So if you are into water sports, this would be your top choice in the GoPro product line. You can purchase each of the different accessories separately if you choose, and they are relatively in expensive, but this package gives you almost everything you need for water sport activities.

The Hero2 Surf edition is one of the top bought GoPro packages, due to the floaty door included and the super strong adhesive mounts. The original Hero packages do not include these features. If you are not into water sports check out the HD Hero2 Outdoors Edition or the HD Hero2 Motorsports Edition, these are also both great packages.

Should I Buy The GoPro Surf Edition?

Overall the Hd Hero2 Surf Edition is a great camera, and for a price of under $300 you just wont find anything like it. Many cameras are water resistant or splash proof, but this camera takes high quality photos and videos up to 197′ below the surface.

GoPro stands by its products and offers a great warranty. You can also get extended warranties up to 5 years, if purchased Here for a minimal price. I purchased the original Gopro Motorsports Edition 2 years ago and now I own the new Hero2 Surf Edition and have not had any problems to date. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide
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