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GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition In Stock

The Hero3 Silver Edition is very similar to the specs of the HD Hero2 camera, except it is 30% smaller and 25% lighter. There are a few differences, that are described below, but for the most part the are similar except in size and weight. You have the power of 1080p filming with a camera that now fits easily into your pocket.

I have the HD Hero2 and the original HD Hero camera and both of them film and take amazing photos, but there were a few times I wish the camera was smaller, and of course lighter is always nice too.

The Hero3 silver will now fit into my pocket and it still has the same mounting hardware, so it will fit perfectly on my snowboard helmet and all my other mounting brackets. The housing is different because the camera is now smaller.

Although personally I will not be making the purchase for the silver edition, I do have the Black edition, which is the same size. I personally get the best camera as soon as they come out. For the price though, the silver is a great camera and will do everything you need.

Built in Wifi

Last year for my Hero2 I purchased the add-on Wifi backpac which made the case  even bigger. With the built in Wifi feature you can stream the videos you are filming right to your Iphone or android phone, which is really cool. I really like this feature, because then I can see what the camera is filming and to make sure its filming properly. I don’t know of any other camera that can do this right now.

You can also control your camera up to 600 feet away, which is useful when I place the GoPro up in my kiteboarding kite. Then I don’t have 15 minutes of video and photos to editing through during my launching and landing of the kite, I get exactly the footage I want.

Improved Audio and Picture Sharpness

The Hero3 has much better audio than the Hero2, it also has improved photo sharpness and reduced distortion, which was a problem in the previous models. GoPro really does put everything in, when it comes to upgrading their product line.

What You Getgopro Hero3  on sale

  • HERO3: Silver Edition Camera
  • 197’/ 60m Waterproof Housing*
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • QR Buckle
  • J-Hook Buckle
  • 3-Way Pivot
  • 1 Curved Adhesive Mount
  • 1 Flat Adhesive Mount
  • Assorted Mounts and Hardware
  • USB Charging Cable

What Camera Should I Get?

If you are on the fence about what GoPro model you should get, here’s a few things to think about. If you are trying to get the best camera, then the Black Edition is what you should be getting, but if you are trying to save money but still want a really good camera, I would suggest the silver. The Silver Edition still has professional grade quality and is super small, but it just doesn’t have all the extras.

If your on a tight budget but still want a GoPro then the white Edition or the HD Hero2 Edition would be best for you. Still high quality, but not as good as the silver and Black.

What ever your choice is, you will love your GoPro, I still Have the first HD GoPro and use it almost as much as the new one. I have also found the best deals are always Here, I get free shipping on all my orders and don’t have to pay sales tax. Don’t wait, order your GoPro Hero3 Edition Today!! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide
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