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HD Hero2 MotorSports & Free Shipping

The New Gopro HD Hero2 Motorsports Edition just released and NOW is on Sale.

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GoPro HD Hero2 Motorsports Edition Camera

Packed with many new features and abilities, it has greatly evolved from the original GoPro HD Motorsports.

GoPro HD Hero2 Motorsports Edition

Each Edition; outdoor, Motorsports, and Surf edition all have the same camera inside. The difference is what activities you do and how you plan to use the camera. The HD Hero2 Motorsports Edition has the

HD Hero2 MotorSports
HD Hero2 MotorSports Edition

mounts that you would need for mounting to a car, motorcycle, and many other sports activities.

Compared the the last GoPro HD, this one is much simpler to use as the display uses words and not just a 3-Digit code interface, that you would have to know what they mean by looking up the code in the manual.

It has the ultra strong suction cup that can stick to almost anything that is smooth, such as glass or metal. This is a great mount for cars, its super strong suction and very durable build will keep this attached to any car at any speeds imaginable.

The 5 quick release 3m adhesive mounts will allow you to attach this to snowboard helmets, dirt bike helmets, water ski’s and many more places. The disadvantage is this is more of a permanent mount, as one you stick it to something the only way to get the mount off is to use a hair dryer or heat gun. The camera still comes off extremely fast with the use of the quick release, but the mount stays permanently fixed.

It has a J-hook and a 3-way pivot arm so you can get any angle even after you mount the quick release mounts. These attachment make the camera very versatile.

Physical Advances

Staying the same size as the older GoPro HD Hero, it can still fit into all the same cases and attachments. This is great for those that purchased all the accessories for the old GoPro and now want to upgrade. This very small camera has an updated glass lens that is 2 times sharper and still takes the amazing wide angled photos.

The prior models only had one flashing red light telling you it is filming, which made it very difficult to see if the camera is actually recording. The new HD Hero has red LED lights that are viewable from ANY angle you see the camera from.

Software Advances

Photos can be set to automatically take a photo at different intervals, including 1 photo every 0.5 seconds up to 1 photo ever 60 seconds. The image process is twice as fast as the HD Hero.

Photo Advances

It can take up to 11mp photos at 170 degree angle, getting you the widest possible shot available. The video can be filmed in 1080p @ 30fps for watching on HD Tv’s, or can be filmed at 720p @ 60 fps allowing you to edit your videos to play back in slow motion.

Accessories Available

There is also many accessories that you can have with this camera. It is capable of filming in 3D with the GoPro 3D expansion pack. You can add an LCD BakPak to be able to view what you are filming or watch it as playback.

The HD Hero2 also has a remote controller, so it can be turned on from a distance using the remote or an app downloadable to you smartphone and it can be streamed via WiFi to a TV or computer.

This is a great camera which has the highest quality you can get for the dollar and I highly recommend this product. Ultimately you decide if the Gopro HD Hero2 Motorsports Edition CHDMH-002 is right for you. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide
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