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GoPro Dive Housing

GoPro Dive HousingOne of GoPro’s newest accessories is the Dive Housing, which is designed to capture underwater photos in high definition. The new housing can support both the HD Hero and HD Hero2 cameras.

Dive Housing

If you are looking to get a separate waterproof camera for your next trip to the Caribbean or for your next snorkeling or diving adventure, look no further. The new GoPro Dive Housing will give you the sharpest underwater photos you can get. The case is inexpensive and with your GoPro camera you can choose to film in up to 1080p or take up to 11 mp photos.

The dive housing does not include the camera, it is only the exterior case, but you will notice a big difference in quality when filming under water photos. The pictures are much clearer and are a true HD quality, compared to the original housing it filmed in HD, but the quality was a little blurry and did not have as strong of colors.

The price for the starts at $50 plus shipping fees, but after researching I have found it on sale and you may even qualify for free 2-3 shipping.

The Dive Housing just came out last month and has been very difficult to get, since its summer and everyone is looking to get one, leading you to find them usually sold out. I read many reviews before purchasing my own dive housing, and they were all really good reviews. Everyone seems impressed by the quality of the photos.

Included is:

  • Dive Housing
  • Protective Lens Cap, with string to attach to housing
  • Mounting Hardware

The protective lens cap is great, because when you store your Gopro you don’t have to worry about scratches or the lens getting dirty. This is one thing I have been trying to create for my original housing since they are prone to getting scratched when not in use.

The housing has a larger lens, made of glass that is flat, not “fish eye shaped”. It makes the housing slightly larger than the original housing, but barely makes a difference in size.

After getting my dive housing, I could not wait until my trip to the Caribbean so I went out to my local beach and started taking some underwater photos. Even though the water here at the Jersey Shore typically is not the clearest, the photos came out terrific.  I was very impressed with the difference in quality of the pictures and was very happy with my purchase. It also takes great pictures above water and the lens seems to repel the water off better than the original housing.

Underwater Dog Photo using the Dive Housing

 Water Skiing Using the Dive Housing


I had many comments after posting the pictures on Facebook about what underwater camera I used and how I managed to get such good underwater pictures, and I just told them it was from the GoPro.

As of right now this and the LCD screen are my 2 favorite accessories I have for the GoPro. I get professional quality photos even as an amateur photographer, and I don’t need to buy expensive cameras. Most of My GoPro gear I find on Sale and I always get free shipping.

I have searched for coupon codes and other discount coupons but I found a store that almost always  has the lowest prices and I always get free 2-3 shipping. If you are looking to get your Dive Housing at the Lowest price Click Here. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide
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