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Go Pro Accessories Under $30

Are you looking to get some new Go Pro accessories for you new Hero3? Are you looking for a great gift that isn’t too expensive? Below are some of the Best Go Pro Accessories that will work for all Hero3 models, that worn’t break the bank.

2 Extra Batteries and Charger

Hero3 Batteries and Charger Hero3 Car Charger Hero3 Wall Charger

You always want a fully charged battery ready to go and many times the battery in the camera is not fully charged or is dead. Having spare batteries is a great idea and for the price you cant beat it.

Plus it comes with a charger that can be plugged into the wall or your car. It has a European plug adapter that comes with it. This is great because many times you wont think to charge the battery until your packing everything up for your trip. Now you can charge your battery in your car while en-route. You also might be filming a lot and want a second battery charging while using the current one, and this allows you to do that.

I personally like the idea of being able to leave my batteries charge in the living room and not worrying about someone moving my camera or damaging it. This way I don’t forget to take the extra batteries when heading out snowboarding. For 2 batteries, a car charger, and wall charger, this is an amazing deal.

Floating Hand grip

Floaty Hand Grip Floaty Hand Grip Floaty Hand Grip

This is a “must have” for anyone using their Go Pro in deep water areas. It is used to conveniently hold the Go Pro and also makes sure that your Go Pro camera floats, even with the expansion pack and LCD screen or extended battery. The “orange” floaty back door does not work for the expansion packs.

It has a textured design so you can grip it easily with out it slipping out of your hand, and it colored bright yellow so if you have it in the ocean waves you can easily locate it if you drop it.

As a second added safety it comes with a wrist strap, so if you drop it you wont lose it. These are great for scuba diving, surfers, and even activities on land. It may seem a little expensive for a piece of plastic, but it is high quality material and can save your $300- $400 camera. This can be used for the Hero, Hero2, and Hero3 cameras.

Anti Fog Inserts

Anti Fog InsertsFor under water photos or when you have your camera in very wet or temperature changing areas, the GoPro will fog, rendering all your photos and videos useless. With these small reusable inserts, you can make sure you have a clear lens when your friend finally lands the flip they have been working on.

It comes with 6 inserts, you use 2 at a time and you can re-use them. To re-use them you follow the directions and bake them in the oven to dry them out and they are as good as new.

GoPro Tripod Mount

GoPro Tripod MountThis attachment connects to the bottom of your housing and makes it possible for you to attach your GoPro Camera to a regular camera tripod mount. This way you can position your camera using a tripod so you wont have to hold the camera. This is a must have attachment!



Pocket Extension Pole

Pocket Extension PoleThe pocket extension pole is awesome because it extends up to 30″ long, but can can be as small as 6.5″ and fit in your pocket. Its a great way to capture yourself snowboarding or skateboarding while being able to capture yourself and the activity in the picture.

You will need to purchase the tripod mount also to mount your GoPro to the pole. It is designed for use with any camera the has the tripod mount.

Go Pro Accessories are Great Gift Ideas

All of these Go Pro Accessories are great gift ideas for under $30 each. They will enhance the experience with that special persons’ Go Pro and get those hard to get photos. Many of these have FREE Two Day Shipping available.  These are all great add-ons for the new HERO3 camera and all the other GoPro Cameras.

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