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Do You Have A GoPro Coupon?

GoPro CouponGoPro Cameras are expensive, so I am going to get you the best GoPro coupons. Although, they are very difficult to find, as GoPro already has the profit margin very narrow. At the moment the coupons are not available, but as soon as they are available again I will update this page.

Click Here For GoPro Coupon

Last year there were many different coupons available, ranging from 10% off to getting free shipping. Some coupons even offered free SDHC memory cards, which do not usually come with the cameras.

I bought my GoPro HD Hero2 Motorsports back in December and I was able to get 15% OFF. That was the best I have ever found it, and I search daily for the lowest prices and best coupons to combine with that. So I am still currently trying to find you the best deal for your GoPro purchase, but this month has been very difficult to find any deals. They have all of a sudden disappeared.

You can find the original GoPro discounted almost %50 from what it retailed before the new GoPro released. The GoPro HD Hero is not much different from the new GoPro Hero2 except a few features and it is 2 times faster. It still includes all the same hardware, they both are the exact same size, and support both video and photos.

If you are in a bind and need a GoPro now, but do not want to spend much on it, I would recommend getting the original HD Hero. If you really want the newest technology and 11MP camera then I have found the best current deal available at the moment, as there are no GoPro coupons currently available. You can still get free shipping and save a decent amount, it might not be a full %10 off, but it is better than paying full price.

GoPro Coupon

Hopefully in the upcoming months there will be new coupons available, but it does not look too promising. The HD Hero2 is back ordered at most stores for at least two weeks. The cameras have been on and off of being back ordered since the Christmas rush and they have been filling orders as quickly as possible, but still appear to be a couple weeks behind. I would guess by the end of the summer when sales start to decrease there should be new coupons available.

For now getting your GoPro Hero2 any where its available is the best you are going to do.  I will keep every one updated on the best possible sales, so you wont have to check several different sites, just this one. After you make your purchase you will be sure to love the camera, even if you can’t find a Gopro coupon, I love mine and would have had no problem paying full price. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide
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