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What is a GoPro HD Hero2?

The GoPro logo, has been on many commercials lately, used for several sporting events and their logo is almost everywhere; at sporting events or locations where extreme activities take place. So what is a GoPro HD Hero2?

A GoPro HD Hero2 is a small sports camera, which can be mounted to almost any sporting object. It is designed to get a “very different” point of view than you are used to.  Previously to get a great photo of you surfing you would have to hire a photographer or have a friend with a really good SLR camera that has a good zoom lens. It’s always been difficult to get a quality photo since you are so far away and it’s very difficult to get a close up shot.

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The GoPro HD Hero2 is a High definition camera that takes both video and still photos. They designed it small enough so it won’t be in the way and can be mounted in very small areas, and it won’t affect the activity that you are engaging in. It’s a very simple camera with very few options, to help reduce the size and weight. Its primary use is just to take basic high quality photos and videos. Many other digital cameras have extra capabilities such as viewing previous photos, changing camera settings, zooming in and out, and taking pictures at night. The GoPro HD Hero2 is made to take photos during the day, while you are surfing, biking, snowboarding, and kite surfing. Most of the hobbies and sports we would use the HD Hero2 for are mainly during the day, so having a flash really isn’t needed, and at the end of the day when you get home you can just view the photos on the computer.

Water Proof/ Drop Proof Case

The GoPro camera itself is not waterproof, but comes with a case that can be submerged up to 197’. The camera is almost always in the waterproof case, which has the mounting bracket attached. The only reason the camera will be out of the case is to charge the camera or to transfer the photos off the camera to your computer. To mount the camera to any of the accessories, you will need the camera in the case.

Also included is a case that is not waterproof, in case you are looking to capture low sounds or you just plainly don’t need it to be waterproof. Many users that choose to use the non-waterproof case to use it for activities like bird watching, to hear the chirping birds, or indoor activities.

GoPro mounted on The JetskiGoPro mounted on the KayakGoPro Photo of Party on The Bay






The waterproof and non-waterproof case both protect the camera from breaking. The cases are made of a very strong clear plastic which allows the camera to be dropped and it won’t be damaged. All of the functions work through the case too.

Disadvantages of the HD Hero2

Although the HD Hero2 does sound like it is the best camera on the market, there are still some disadvantages. One of the first things you will notice when you pick the camera up and try to take a picture is that there is no view window or LCD screen to see what you are taking a photo of. This was omitted to save space and keep the cost of the camera down. The next thing you will notice is there is no flash on the camera, making it pretty much useless at night, but who surf at night?

If you are looking to zoom in or out, you won’t be able to do that either. The primary design for this camera was to mount it directly to the person or part of their equipment, and there was no need for a zoom function, since it should always be within a foot or two from you. It has an astounding 170 degree photo angle which captures almost everything in front of the camera. So if it is mounted to your surf board or snowboard, you are almost guaranteed to be in the photo.

Overall The Best Affordable Sports Camera

These negative features were all implemented, to keep the camera as small as possible and most importantly keep the price to a minimum. No one wants to pay $2,000 for a camera they only use during select sporting events. If you are truly looking to buy a camera to get the best photo and video possible, and plan to attach the camera to you or your equipment, you really can’t find a better camera. Anything thing that comes close to the quality of this camera, will be much larger, due to the added features.

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The main reason this camera is selling so well, and has become so popular is because of their uniqueness and ability to still take top quality photos and videos. They are very user friendly and simple to use, with very few option that need to be changed. A first time user can learn to operate the camera in just seconds. The GoPro HD Hero2 is a really great camera and with GoPro’s great customer support there is no reason to get one. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide
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