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3D Hero Expansion Kit

If you have a GoPro, the GoPro 3D Hero Expansion Kit, will be something that you will “have to have”. With this housing made by GoPro, you can film in 3D. Yes that is right, 3D with your GoPro camera.

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The only catch is that you need to have 2 GoPro cameras to make this work and the 3D housing. But for a total of around $500-700 (cost of 2 GoPro cameras and 3D housing) you can film all of your extreme sports in 3D. You can use the original GoPro HD Hero or the HD Hero2 camera. The HD Hero is much cheaper and films in 1080p too!

I purchased the 3D setup as soon as it became available. The videos are incredible and fun to watch. I love showing people videos of my scuba diving and wakeboarding in 3D. People are really amazed.

It films in both 3D and 2D at the same time so you can chose later which way you would like to view it. You will need to use the 3D glasses, which are provided to watch it in 3D. I really like how if films both ways at the same time, because I like to post my 2D videos on Facebook, and I can have a copy of the 3D version to show people when the are at my house and have the glasses.

The 3D editing software (CineForm Studio) is included FREE with the GoPro 3D Housing Kit. You will also get 2 flat adhesive mounts, 2 curved adhesive mounts, a front helmet mount, and assorted hardware with the kit. Everything you need is conveniently included. Just make sure you have 2 HD Hero2 GoPro Camera’s and you will be ready to film.

As the world’s smallest 1080p 3D camera you can take this camera just about anywhere. I plan to bring it on my sailing trip to the Bahamas this upcoming summer and it will easily fit into my luggage with out taking up too much room.

I wont have to worry about the camera getting wet, since it can be taken to depths of 180′, which I sure hope not to reach even while scuba diving. It is shock proof so you wont have to worry about the baggage handlers tossing your bag and breaking the camera too!

I personally own this 3D housing kit and I have also found many reviews showing that they too, really liked this 3D Kit. There are very view problems stated, which shows this is a quality product, and I have not had any problems myself.

They are all are amazed with this camera, and one person stated that is has as “incredible Stereoscopic First-Person Point-of-View!”

GoPro 3D Reviews

The GoPro 3d housing kit is very new technology and has almost no complaints about the product. It has been out on the market for a few months, so all the bugs have been worked out and I would highly recommend the GoPro 3d Hero Expansion Kit to anyone that has a GoPro of wants to film in 3D. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide
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