KiteHero Vertical Fin Nest Camera Mount

This is another one of my GoPro mounts I use while Kiteboarding. I have the KiteHero Line Mount and this KiteHero Vertical Fin mount as well.

KiteHero Fin Mount

The Fin mount is great because it has a much more strong secure point than the mounts that come with the GoPro Surf Edition. It mounts to open struts on the top of your kite board to securely hold it in place. It has been designed to prevent the mounting points from breaking and the housing from coming open.

It’s made of a very strong plastic that will not break. It stays in the same spot with out moving up and down, or rotating, unless you pre-set it.


KiteHero Vertical Fin Nest Camera Mount


  • Made of 100% Lightweight Nyoln
  • Includes entire
  • Designed and built by Kite Boarders

It is designed more ruggged so you wont have to worry about your gopro changing position or coming off no matter how hard you land.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Kitehero Fin Mount
  • 1 GoPro camera mount stainless screw
  • 1 KiteHero sticker

How To Install

The distance between the screws is 1.5″, so you will want to make sure the screw spacing on the fins on your board are 1.5″ to make sure it will fit. This is a pretty standardized screw spacing.

To install the fin mount you simply remove the two screws on the top of your board, that hold your fins on, and put those same screw through the plastic mount and screw them back to the fins/board. Although you can use the same screws, it is recommended that you get stainless steal screws that are 1/4″ longer than the ones already in your board to accommodate for the thickness of the plastic.

The angle of the mount is not adjustable, but the direction, from left to right is adjustable. You just have to adjust the direction of the mount before you compley tighten the screws down.

You will use your original housing that came with your GoPro, then slide the camera in sideways and tighten the screw that came with the kit to secure the camera in place. Then make sure you have tightened down the screws to the board so  the camera doesn’t move.

Overall Thoughts

I personally love this mount because it gives a unique view of me and in many of my videos, I edit them to change from the Line Mount to the Fin mount. It makes really cool videos, when you have both angles.

I have also mounted this to my wakeboard and slalom water ski, and unlike the original mounting brackets, this does not move when you hit the wake.

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