Lowest Price GoPro Battery And Wall Charger

Have you been Looking for a wall charger to charge your GoPro Batteries without needing to charge the battery in the GoPro? Well now there is a way to do that. Plus you get 2 more batteries in the kit.

The Wasabi Power KIT

Wasabi wall charger and replacement batteries

Wasabi, makes a wall charging unit that you insert the battery into and it charges without the use of the camera. It makes it very convenient when charging additional batteries or when you want to charge a battery while using the camera.

It comes with 2 additional batteries that last even longer than the original batteries. the  batteries are 1400mAh as opposed to the original GoPro batteries that are only 1100 mAh. That means these batteries will last 35% longer than the battery that came with you GoPro.



Wasabi Battery Charger


  • Wasabi wall charging unit
  • US and European wall plug adapter (110-240V)
  • Car charging adapter
  • 2 Batteries 3.7V (1400 mAh)
  • 3-year manufacture warranty

**This charges batteries for all models of the GoPro HERO and HERO2 (AHDBT-001, AHDBT-002)

Save Money!!!!

Buying this package your are saving a ton of money compared to buying the original GoPro batteries. The original replacement batteries are $20 each and there is no way to buy a wall charging unit. For $23 you get 2 batteries, the charging unit, car adapter and wall plug. To take advantage of this amazing deal Click Here!!

You can also take advantage of the free shipping option available. You wont find a better deal than this.


With the car adapter you can charge your batteries while you are driving to your location or if the batteries die while you are away from a wall outlet it makes it very convenient to charge your batteries in your car. This is great for when we go camping.

These are very well made batteries that are not the cheap versions you find on EBAY or other cheap sites. These batteries will last. The batteries charge at a rate of 500 mAh, meaning they should be fully charged in 3 hours.

The batteries will stop charging when fully charged to prevent them from being over charged the are LED light indicators for this.


Most people that have left reviews absolutely love this product, it is the top selling wall charging unit for the GoPro batteries. It works very well and does not have any problems. People have noticed that the battery life on the batteries included are significantly better than the original batteries.

If you are looking for spare batteries or an additional charger I would recomend this product over any other wall charging product. It works for both the GoPro HD HERO2 and the GoPro HD Hero original batteries.

I have been using this product myself for 2 years with my HD Hero Motorsports Edition GoPro and have never had a problem. It was a great investment, if you are interested in purchasing it, you can find the lowest price here for the Wasabi Power Battery Charger Kit. You will also have the option for FREE SHIPPING.

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