How to Mount GoPro to Your KiteBoarding Kite

Mounting your GoPro to your Kiteboarding gear can be quite a challange. There are 3 places that I mount my GoPro and find it to have the best pictures. I use the HD HERO2 Surf Edition, since it has the orange back floaty door in case it falls off, it won’t sink. The worst thing would be to film great session and lose your beloved camera.

The Kite Hero Line Mount

If you are looking to get close up photos that you can see your face, board and some of the lines, you will want to use the Kite Hero Line Mount. It easily mounts right in your kite lines and you will be able to capture yourself doing flips, rolls and jumps from a very close up view. When mounting to the bladder it is so far away, you will look as small as an ant in the picture. With the Kite Hero line mount you will see the water and sweat on your face.

GoPro Hero Line mount

The Kite Hero Line mount is designed to fit almost any 4 line kite bar without limiting the bars performance or getting in the way. It can support mounting almost any digital camera, but I would recommend using the GoPro HD Surf Edition, due to its durability, and most importantly it’s waterproof.

Kite Hero Line Mount Discount

Using the Kite Hero Line mount, you will get the photos you will use for your Facebook profile and also the ones you get framed. The GoPro takes awesome photos, its just really difficult to mount the camera is the correct spot while kite boarding, but this attachment does it all.

You wont find this mount anywhere on the official GoPro webpage, since this is not made by GoPro, by using this link, you will be directed to amazon, who has them in stock and is a very reliable online store.

Other Locations To Mount Your GoPro

One of my second favorite places to mount my GoPro, is on the leading edge bladder. To do this you will want to utilize the HD HERO wrist mount and secure it to either the leading edge bladder or to any of the the struts, preferably the center strut, so your kite flies properly. I always make sure that I have mine tethered to the kite using a string or by using a steel fishing leader. Steel fishing leaders work great because they are extremely strong and they can be removed rather easily. The only down side when using them for kiting, is some do have sharp ends that can rip a whole in your kite or pop a bladder. The only negative part about this mount is how small you will look, since the GoPro does not have a zoom function.

I have also mounted my GoPro to the kiteboard itself, this gets more great photos of you that are close, but the major down side it many times its under water or has water drops on the lens. I have had really cool photos from this angle, but they are more difficult to get. If you plan to use this method, I would recommend rain-x on the lens so the water droplets bead away and you don’t have them in your picture.

It is also more difficult to get a full body shot with your face in the photo from this angle, but it is very simple to mount. You just use the stick surf mount adhesive and stick it to you kite board. Wait 72 hours before using and then you are ready to go.


Mounting the GoPro to your kite gear may be more of a challenge than with other sports and hobbies but if you think outside the box you will develop a great place to mount your camera. Kite Boarding is one of my favorite sports and the pictures you can get are just amazing.

All of my friends see my pictures and always comment on how awesome kite boarding looks. I tell them the GoPro is an awesome camera and my secret for most of these pictures is using the GoPro mounted with the Kite Hero Line Mount.


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