HD Hero2 OutDoor Edition

The GoPro HD Hero2 Outdoor Edition is one of GoPro’s newest cameras on the market. GoPro has 3 HD Hero2 Editions; OutDoor, MotorSports, and Surf.

All three of the HD Hero2 cameras have the same camera and case, but what separates them is the mounting hardware. The prices for all three editions are the same at the manufactures site, but I have found the GoPro Outdoor Edition on Sale Here.


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 Included In The OutDoor Edition:

  • The 11mp wide angle camera
  • Water Proof housing
  • The Skelton Backdoor
  • 1 Battery
  • USB cable
  • Vented head strap
  • Head strap
  • 2 curved surface adhesive mounts
  • 2 Flat surface adhesive mounts
  • Three way pivot arm
  • Assorted mounting hardware

New Features

The HD Hero2 has many new features that enhance the performance of the GoPro. One of the most noticeable enhancements would be the 11mp capability at 170 degrees wide angle shot. The GoPro might not have a zoom function, but with 11mp photos you can go home and crop the photo without much quality lose to capture just what you want.

They have upgraded the LCD interface and increased the processor speed, making the camera faster and very user friendly. They have implemented words on the LCD screen, compared to before there were abbreviated words, which you had to know what they meant. You can also view and use the menu, if you have the add-on LCD screen, which makes it as easy to use as a standard digital camera.

What is Unique About the OutDoor Edition?

In the OutDoor Edition you will find mounting accessories that would be used for sports that involve using helmets. There are two straps included for mounting on different helmets as a non-permanent way to affix the Go-Pro. There are also 2 adhesive mounts that would be used to mount to a rounded surface, such as a helmet. These adhesives are not designed to be removed.

Included are also 2 flat adhesives, which mount well onto snowboards and other hard flat surfaces.

Best GoPro Video Editing Software

Unfortunately GoPro does not include any editing software in the package. There are many programs that you can use, ranging from free to expensive. Many of the free programs do not do very well for video editing, but are ok for putting together slideshows for the still photos.

I have a PC and have tried several different programs and my favorite is Sony Vegas Pro 11.0. It is a professional level program that allows you to create a video that you would see on tv in high quality. I learned how to use it by searching YouTube videos for tutorials. The down side is, it’s very expensive. You can try the non-professional versions, but I needed the pro version for my work anyway.

If you have a mac, you are very lucky to be able to use Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express. Macs are able to edit the video much better and faster than PC’s but they are very expensive. Imovie is a great free program that comes with all new Apple computers.

A “Must Have” Camera

If you are a snowboarder, biker, or use a helmet for your sport, the OutDoor Edition is the best GoPro model for you. If you search these GoPro OutDoor Edition Reviews, you will see all the positive feedback from this camera. I have two GoPro’s myself and would recommend the GoPro OutDoor Edition to anyone, especially if you can buy it on sale.

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