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GoPro Coupon
GoPro HD Hero2 Surf Edition

The GoPro can be used for almost anything from filming TV shows to filming a surf session on your own. You don’t need a camera man anymore, because this little camera mounts to you or the object you are on and you get the best shots possible.

It is perfect for mounting to surf boards, water ski’s, motor cycles, and helmets.

Its ability to be completely submerged and not have to worry about it being damaged allows you to take it anywhere imaginable.

They make chest mounts so you don’t have to hold it, the helmet mount works great for sports that you wear a helmet, and the sticky adhesives can mount the GoPro to your surf board.

It has settings so that it will take a photo every set number of seconds from 0.5 seconds to 1 photo every 60 seconds. This will allow you to surf or do whatever activity you like with out worrying about when to hit the button to take a photo.

Many people use this to bird watch and video sunrises. If set at 60 fps they can easily slow down the video when a bird fly’s by or speed up the sunrise to happen in seconds. The options this camera is packed with are endless.

In the photo above the GoPro is being held in her hand while another GoPro is mounted to the surfboard. The Photos are clearly amazing!


It takes high quality 11 mp photos and films in 1080p. Try and find a camera that does that and is smaller than a your computer mouse. Then bring it into the swimming pool with you. Your not going to find anything like this any where.

The package includes everything you need to get started except the SD card, which you could probably even just use from your old digital camera.

The 170 degree wide angle photos will amaze you. Its fish eye lens gives you the view that no standard digital camera has ever done, all in high definition.

Application I’ve use the GoPro For

I personally have been GoPro’ing for 2 years now. I have mounted it on my snowboard, water ski, wake board, boat, my kite board kite, a broom stick (to be able to get birds eye views of things), and I even won GoPro photo of the Day after mounting it to my Jet Ski.

This Camera really can go any where, and I haven’t seen many photos that look any better

Television Shows

The GoPro is being used for hundereds of television shows and movies. Its small size and wide angle lens has introduced it to filming for the big screen.

Here are a few TV shows it has been used to film: Myth Busters, Pitt-Boss, Axe Men and many more shows.

You know if they are filming TV shows with it, it is a high quality camera, and for the price you just cant beat it.


On Amazon most people are leaving such good review on how happy they are with their GoPro. They are all saying how it is the best helmet cam and no other camera compares to this. The only reason people have left negative reviews was because of customer support issues. I have dealt with customer support myself and have not had any problems, so maybe they fixed that issue.

I have not yet herd any bad reviews on the picture quality or the ease of using this camera. It truly is a great camera and with this GoPro coupon code you cant beat the price.

So if your looking for a camera that can go anywhere and film in HD that wont break the bank the GoPro HD Hero2 CHDSH-002 is the perfect camera for you. There are a few GoPro Coupons, but the Price Here is cheaper has free shipping.




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