Go Pro 960

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The Go Pro 960 has most of the same features as the Go Pro, except it does not film in 1080. Go Pro has catered to those trying to purchase a Go Pro, but can not afford the Professional Camera’s

Most users only use their Go Pro cameras in 720p  anyway so they can film at 60 fps. The Go Pro 960 can also film 720p @ 60 fps.

Go Pro 960

Go Pro 960


It has the same camera as the original Go Pro and also can support all of the Bak pak features that the original Go Pro can. It supports up to a 32 GB SD memory card and can record for 2.5 hours on a single charge.


You get the headlamp style strap two 3m adhesive mounts and a helmet front mount. Otherwise you get everything else that you would in the other packages.


I would highly recommend the Go Pro 960 to anyone that wants to purchase the Go Pro, but wants to save some money. If you only snowboard once or twice a year or want to attach it to your dirt bike helmet for a couple cool videos, this is for you. It has almost all of the features of the expensive cameras, you just don’t get as many mounts included. If you are looking to save money the Go Pro 960 is the perfect Go Pro for you.



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