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Where To Buy a Go Pro?

The New Go Pro HD Hero2 is NOW AVAILABLE, but people are asking where to buy a Go Pro and for many potential customers it might be a problem.

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 The Different Types of Go Pro Camera’s

Where To Buy Go Pro?

Where To Buy Your Go Pro?

The Camera itself is the same for all three type’s of Go Pro’s. The Only difference is the mounts that are included in each package. They are each design for a specific type of sport or activity.

Each camera comes with a waterproof and shock proof housing, a skeleton backdoor, 1 rechargeable battery, and 1 USB cable.

Go Pro HD Hero2 MotorSports Edition

-The Go Pro MotorSports Edition is designed to mount to cars, motorcycles and other types of race gear. It includes the suction mount, which can be quickly and easily mounted to a car hood or windshield. It comes with 5 sticky 3m mounts that can mount the Go Pro to your helmet or vehicle and it has a j-buckle and pivot arm, which allow you to mount the camera with the quick release system in any position.

Go Pro HD Hero2 OutDoors Edition

-The Go Pro OutDoors Edition has 2 types of helmet straps, so you can easily mount the camera to several types of helmets. It includes 4 3m adhesives mounts and a 3-way pivot arm.

Go Pro HD Hero2 Surf Edition

– The Go Pro Surf Edition has 2 surfboard mounts and 2 tethering mounts. It has a floaty backdoor, in case the camera was to fall off the surf board it will float and you will be able to quickly find it.


There are additional accessories that you can purchase if they did not come with your kit. Go Pro has made each of these accessories very affordable to buy individuality. The also have all replacement parts for the camera available too.

Handlebar Seatpost Mount

Roll Bar Mount

Chest Mount Harness

Suction Cup Mount

Helmet Front Mount

Vented Helmet Strap Mount

Head Strap Mount

HD HERO Wrist Housing

Curved and Flat Adhesive Mounts

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