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LCD BacPac GoPro

The GoPro LCD BacPac, ALCDB-001 is one of the hottest selling GoPro  accessories on the market.

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 GoPro Released the Lcd BacPac Last year and the reviews are all excellent and it truly has fixed the only minor negative feature of the GoPro camera. Originally GoPro Designed the camera to be as compact, affordable and packed with high quality features. While Creating this product they omitted the LCD screen on the actual camera to make it smaller and more affordable.

Most people did not care very much, that the GoPro lacked the Lcd Screen, since the camera was so much more superior to any other camera on the market. But, GoPro Users did see the uses for it and sent many requests for GoPro to add an LCD screen.

GoPro responded with the LCD BacPac, which allows owners of the camera to purchase this add-on piece and still they can use there existing camera, and not have to purchase a new camera. This was the perfect solution for the issue.


The Lcd screen allows you to view what you are recording or taking photos of and also so you can use it to view the play back of your videos and pictures. The user can also change the settings and fuctions of the camera while looking into the screen, as opposed to trying to read the front screen.

GoPro Designed the LCD BacPac Perfectly!

GoPro has great customer service and love their users, and treat them like family. They wanted to design something the current owners would like. Most companies would have redesigned the camera and forced every one to go and buy the “new” camera.

GoPro saw an alternative option and they created this add-on feature and for a fraction of the cost of a new camera you can add this screen to the original GoPro HD camera or the GoPro Hero2.

It is a small screen that comes with an extension door FREE in the package, so the screen can still fit into the waterproof housing. How many times do you find an accessory that comes with the modifications hardware needed? This shows how dedicated GoPro is to treating their “GoPro Family” the best they can.

It even has a speaker built in for listen to your videos on playback. You can also adjust the brightness.

What The Users Are Saying..

Many users have left positive reviews about this accessory. Many of them like the ability to see what the camera is going to take a picture of, instead of guess what the lens see’s. They can better set the camera up at the best angle and distance from what they would like photographed.

Prior to this it was difficult to see how close you needed the camera to get a close up shot. Now with the lcd bacpac gopro, this screen takes the guess work out.

People also like that it has the full menu in english, which is especially helpful to the original GoPro HD camera users. The original HD camera had a 3 letter code as the menu and you had to remember all of these codes to know what settings you were changing. With this screen it makes it 10x easier to use the camera.

There are very few if any negative comments about the GoPro LCD BacPac, prooving that it truly is a great accessory. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide
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